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    Photos are meant to tell stories.

    They capture moments that are filled with life.

    To me, there is nothing more wonderful than photographing a real moment. A moment that embodies how people feel about one another or the incomparable love between a parent and their children. These moments tell the story of how we interact with each other.

    At my photo sessions, I do minimal posing. To me, the most natural photos you can take--the ones where you can truly see how family members or couples interact with each other--are the photos where families choose how they sit together. I always let my clients sit how they feel is most natural first. Then, if I see that something is off with the balance, I rearrange or fix things from there.

    I prefer to shoot in outdoor lighting as it provides the most natural looking photos and no backdrop that I could buy or create could possibly be more beautiful than that which the great outdoor provides us with!

    I'm always happy to customize packages and work with you to create exactly what you are wanting. No two photo sessions are the same!

    Please feel free to contact me at 115,97,114,97,64,111,112,101,110,114,111,97,100,112,104,111,116,111,103,114,97,112,104,101,114,46,99,111,109moc.rehpargotohpdaornepo@aras or at 402-613-3217 to schedule a session or to find out additional information!

Hi All!

It’s been awhile. I need to catch up on posting on here. Last year was crazy (that’ll be its own blog post) but I am excited to gear up for this fall and all the family photo sessions I’ll be doing!

As a totally fun and unexpected surprise, I was notified the other day that I had made the list of the Top 19 Newborn Photographers in Lincoln, Nebraska on! Pretty exciting stuff! I am completely humbled to be in the company of so many amazing photographers!

Best Newborn
in Lincoln

So this was so much fun to photograph! I don’t often get requests to photograph proposals so when I do, I get super excited! The really bizarre part about this is that the day before Billy asked me to do this, I had seen an awesome proposal photograph floating around the internet and thought to myself “Man, I really wish someone would contact me about wanting proposal photos.” and then, BAM!, the next day it happened! Amazing how the world works!

These two are just insanely adorable! Billy came up from Oklahoma to surprise Kym who had been in town visiting family and had no idea Billy was in Lincoln.

Although my time with them was brief, I could just tell how sweet and wonderful they are both as individuals and as a couple…and they just look so HAPPY together!