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Locks of Love

The last time I got a haircut was over two years ago. When I did, it was super short. I LOVED it. But I got so busyView full post »

Newborn Photos | Baby Harper

I shoot all my newborn sessions in the home of the parents so that everyone is as comfortable as possible. I also takeView full post »

BrookeLee’s 1-year Photos

BrookeLee is my coworker’s daughter and she is always so smiley! I first took photos of her last year…ifView full post »

The Dugout Jinx

My dad is dyslexic. But he grew up in the 1950s and 1960s when little was known, understood, or accepted about learningView full post »

I love old cameras

It’s really no secret. I love old cameras. I always have. Which is why it probably comes as a surprise to anyoneView full post »

Eric + Laurie + Family

I’ve known Eric for as far back as I remember. My brother’s best friend. We all swam together at NebraskaView full post »