I love old cameras

It’s really no secret. I love old cameras. I always have. Which is why it probably comes as a surprise to anyone who knows me that I had never owned an antique camera until about 2 months ago. I currently have 5, no including my old film Nikon that I learned photography on so many years ago. Or my mom’s Minolta that has been missing for quite some time. My goal is to one day decorate my future studio space with antique cameras.

So why old cameras? Well, I love old cameras in the same way that I love old photos. When I see old photos I try to imagine the story of what was going on when the photo was taken….what was the occasion? Over the years I’ve collected hundreds of old photos that have been sadly abandoned and left in antique stores. I find them fascinating. In a similar fashion, it’s why I like cameras. I like to imagine all the photos the camera captured. Who they belonged to and what life was like for them. I like to imagine what the first photo they ever took with their camera was and how it made them feel.

No. 1 Autographic Kodak Jr. –  around 1915

Kodak Brownie Camera Flash Model – early 1950s

(I have two of these only because a second one came with the flash unit)

Kodak Instamatic 304 – 1965

Canon AE-1 – Late 1970s