Voluntography |Photo Booth | Make-A-Wish Family Night

Everyone who knows me knows that I love Make-A-Wish Nebraska. I’ve been a volunteer at Make-A-Wish for over three years now!

In 2013, the University of Nebraska Athletics Department decided to team up with Make-A-Wish to host a wish family night inviting wish kids and their entire families to Memorial Stadium to hang out with UNL athletes. Kids get to play games, get their face painted, and stop by my photo booth to get their pictures taken with the athletes! I have so much fun at this event! It’s COMPLETE chaos, but totally worth it! I think everyone at Make-A-Wish thought I was nuts last year when I told them that I would need around 3 or 4 volunteer helpers…then when the pandemonium of dozens of kids rustling through all the props struck they realized only too well how right I was! 🙂

The athletes at UNL are so fantastic. This year the Scarlets also dropped by and they were SO wonderful. Everyone did such a good job of engaging the kids and making sure everyone had a good time. It’s just a wonderful, heartwarming thing to be a part of. It’s true what they say…there is no place like Nebraska!

Here are a few of my favorite photos from last weekend’s event!


Lincoln’s favorite pop star, Cayden, was in the house!

I want to give a special shout out to Devandrew. Devandrew is a track and field athlete at UNL. In addition to being a total rock star with the wish kids in the photo booth two years in a row…he also helped me load my car at the end of the evening! Thanks, Devandrew!

This is officially the most people I’ve ever fit into my photo booth! Congrats on setting a new record with the Open Road Photographer! 🙂

And here are the volunteers at the event! Always have fun with these wonderful women!



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