Fun in editing old photos I thought were terrible

Every once in awhile when I am bored or am seeking something creative to do, I will go back and look at old photos I never edited to see if I’ve learned any new tricks that I can use to fix them. I had a blast fixing the one below. I shoot all my photos in RAW format because there is just so much more flexibility in editing afterward. I took this photo just shy of two years ago. It’s obviously a very dark photo straight out of the camera. I was on my way back from photographing a proposal at Oak Lake when I decided to pull over to the side of the road and take a sunset photo. It was late…probably closing in on 7:30 or so, so not a lot of light to work with. I also didn’t have my tripod with me to stabilize the camera so that I could optimize the light/settings.

I tried editing it before, back when I was exclusively using Photoshop Elements. It didn’t do a great job. The photo was extremely grainy and there were odd patches of shadowy area on the road.

I edit a TON in Lightroom these days. It’s pretty much revolutionized the way that I edit photos. It is my favorite program to work in. I fix all the lighting, coloring, sharpening, and noise reducing in Lightroom and then finish up the touches in Photoshop.

I thought it would be fun to include a before and after photo of my editing for those interested.





It’s still not an image i’m 100% happy with, but I think it really shows the range of capability that Lightroom offers!

Maybe this will be my new version of Throwback Thursday…take an old photo from a long time ago and try to make it look nice. đŸ™‚